Diplomatic security service

The specialists from Collis & Associates have experience in the top law enforcement and elite military special forces organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom. All of our men and women have extensive education and time spent in tactical personal protection, making our firm the perfect choice for protecting VIPs and foreign nationals both in the United States and abroad. Diplomatic security service from Collis & Associates includes briefing on current political climates, travel protection, and the development of a security awareness training plan for persons of importance surrounding and involved with our clients. We have made the move into the twenty-first century, offering new millenium solutions for all personal protection services.

Tactical personal protection

Our operatives are available to work in large or small teams or as individuals, whatever the need of our clients. Tactical personal protection is our specialty, and we are a worldwide resource for operations keeping VIPs secure. Our mission is to combine professionalism with honor and loyalty, in order to create the most reliable and dependable firm in the world. We have extensive past success in corporate, individual, and diplomatic security service.

Developing a security awareness training plan

Planning is one of the most important pieces of the security world puzzle. Developing a security awareness training plan for anyone involved with the movement or travel of a sensitive client is essential to the success of any executive security service. Our work in the field has been noted by top officials and keeping abreast of the latest methods is our top priority. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today. You will be secure with this industry leading firm.