Executive protection measures from Collis & Associates

Collis & Associates is a premier provider of worldwide operations resources for keeping high-worth individuals safe and secure. The firm offers a full suite of executive protection measures, including protective details both in the client's home location and abroad. Transportation security service, involving detailed plans of the safest times and routes for moving sensitive clients from one place to another, is just one of the firm's specialties. Collis & Associates sets itself apart from other similar firms by maintaining security awareness training for specialists and operatives, keeping all personnel abreast of current trends in the field. Collis & Associates is the only choice for remaining secure in the new millenium, bringing together the essential elements of planning, design, evaluation and training under one management structure, and using only hand-picked operatives from the most elite law enforcement and military special forces organizations in the United States and United Kingdom.

Transportation security service

Many agencies boast an ability to secure a certain location. Only the best offer transportation security service. Collis & Associates provides specialists with expertise in travel advisory and itinerary planning, taking into account all variables for the transportation of sensitive individuals. From briefings on the current political climate of a client's destination to full crisis management plans in case of emergency, Collis & Associates covers all the bases. Further executive protection measures offered include detailed advance planning and specialists well-versed in world affairs and developments. To learn more, contact us today, and we will be happy to provide you with references and necessary materials to begin.