Risk and crisis management

Collis & Associates, a worldwide security operations resource, was created in order to provide premium quality security services and built on values of honor, integrity and loyalty. The firm brings these values together with a forward-looking approach in order to be able to combat the constantly changing world presented to us by the 21st Century. By constantly having our specialists go through executive protection training, crisis management training and providing other continuing education options, we are able to remain one step ahead of the competition and two steps of those who might look to cause damage to the property, interests, or persons of our clients. As a firm we specialize in risk and crisis management, attempting to minimize the possibility of any risks before they become evident.

The company draws specialists with law enforcement and elite military special forces experience from top outfits in the United States and United Kingdom. At Collis & Associates, we hire only the best, because we have the best interests of our clients - and their safety - at heart.

Executive protection training

Beyond our protective services, we also offer consulting, which includes educational opportunities for existing security staff. Our experts will conduct executive protection training for your existing security professionals, helping to get them up to date on the latest strategies in risk and crisis management and providing an extensive knowledge base for improving current measures. We can evaluate your current procedures and employees and make helpful suggestions, or design an entirely new crisis management plan for to keep your VIPs secure. Contact us today for more information.